Consumer Gun Review: Daniel Defense 300 Blackout

Daniel Defense 300 BLK

I bought my first AR 15 in 223/556 back in Feb of 2013. I was not happy with the 223 ballistics and was soon on the pursuit for a larger caliber AR style rifle. So obviously, I started looking at the 308 caliber. However, the cost slowed me down as well as the weight (for hunting). So while searching the internet blogs for insight and knowledge, I discovered the 300 Blackout.The 300 BLK has become by far my favorite round. I love it for central Texas hunting. My Daniel Defense with an Acog scope is dead nuts at anything that I’m hunting at my deer lease. Pigs don’t stand a chance. I’ve dropped every pig in its tracks. I also killed both of my bucks this year with it.

It’s easy to make the brass needed from 223, and it will push a 110 gr about the same as 250gr at 100 – 200 yards. Even at 200 yds the heavier grain bullets don’t fall off like you would think.

It’s a door buster, home defense, hunting caliber and reloader’s dream of a bullet. I have even shot it out to 300 yds with great success (I know, it’s not a long range caliber). We are continually loading up new loads and having a lot if fun with this caliber.

If you haven’t looked at this caliber, you need to!

By: Ron Porch

2 Responses to Consumer Gun Review: Daniel Defense 300 Blackout

  1. Charles Coker says:

    nice meat stick Ron! I might need to get one of those to review.

  2. Mike Coker says:

    Ron, thanks for the review! Blackout is really starting to go mainstream.

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