The Console Vault in-vehicle safe is your best option for securely storing your handgun or valuables in your truck or SUV. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, each Console Vault is easy to install and features either a keyed lock or a combination lock. Best of all, these appear to be factory-installed and require no modification of your center console.

My daily driver is a Ford F-150 Lariat. This truck has a large center console with a basic locking mechanism. However, the entire thing is made out of plastic with a leather covered top. Although it can be locked it doesn’t provide much security. I had been considering various options to increase security when I watched a news show here in Houston with the headline, “Thousands of guns stolen in Houston during car burglaries.” Interestingly, a local ATF agent stated that the thieves drive around at night looking for gun stickers on trucks. That is when I contacted the good guys at Console Vault.

Selecting the proper model safe is simple. Enter Make, Model, and Year and a screen pops up with photos of the different console types. Select your console and lock mechanism and you are done!

There are three types of locks available. A keyed barrel lock, three digit combination, and four digit combination. I went with the four digit combination lock (which is a minor up-charge). The lock is easily changed to your personal combination.

A couple of days later Federal Express delivered the Console Vault to my door. I opened the box, examined the contents, and read the instructions.

Console Vault
What is in the box?

The first step was to clean out and organize the contents of my center console. Quite frankly, this step took as long as the installation! Following the instructions, I quickly had the Console Vault installed in my F-150. It probably took me about twenty minutes and that was being careful. Truthfully, I think I could install one in a similar F-150 in five minutes now that I know the procedure. It really is simple and requires minimal tools. You lay the base plate in the bottom of the console, drop in the top, secure eight fasteners (two nuts front and rear, two screws on each side), and you are done! Of course, each vehicle will be a slightly different installation.

Console Vault
Console Vault installation of bottom plate

Important to note that the Console Vault is non-destructive to your factory center console. This is a fantastic solution for company vehicles or leased vehicles as you can easily remove the unit and return to stock.

Console Vault
Console Vault installed in Ford F-150

I feel much better about leaving valuables in my truck now. Not that I advocate this practice, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. For example, if you conceal carry but need to enter a school or post office and must leave your handgun in the vehicle. Or, you park your truck at a remote boat ramp while you go fishing for the day. I sure do feel a lot better knowing my valuables are protected.

Console Vault
Console Vault Closed
Console Vault
Console Vault Open

The Console Vault safe can secure more than pistols. Cell phones, iPads, wallets, watches – pretty much anything. My truck had a rubber mat in the bottom of the console but you could also choose to install convoluted foam, carpet, felt, whatever fits your purpose.

How secure is the Console Vault? The vault itself is made of heavy duty 12 gauge steel construction. Mine has a four digit combination lock. Can a determined thief with a crowbar, hammer, cut-off grinder, and time compromise it? Of course. Your 800 pound floor safe is not nearly as secure as you would like to think it is (did you watch the delivery guy wheel it in on his powered floor jack using one hand?). However, it is all about layers of barrier. A thief will have to get past the alarm, the door lock, the factory locking console lid, and then the Console Vault. Let’s put it this way, I feel safer with it than without it. It certainly prevents the casual opportunist – valet, neighborhood kids – from easily stealing your weapon.

The Console Vault is inexpensive protection for your valuable firearms.

Console Vault