Allen Michael Cosby is the winner of the Tactical Gun Review Trijicon SRS sweepstakes!

You can read one of Mr. Cosby’s reviews here.  TGR’s review of the Trijicon Sealed Reflex Site.  Many thanks to Susan Belanger, Senior Marketing Coordinator at Trijicon for sponsoring the contest.  As always, Susan is a pleasure to work with.

SRS stands for “Sealed Reflex Sight”


  • 1.75 MOA dot (.5 Mil)
  • .5″ per click at 100 meters.
  • 10 brightness settings, 3 NV compatible and one “super-bright”
  • Sealed for 50 meters of submersion.
  • It features dual power sources  meaning that it runs on solar power when there is light present and automatically switches to the battery (AA)
  • 3 years continuous use from the battery, so,  combined use of solar and battery power should be considerably longer.
  • It uses a shorter housing than a standard Aimpoint which is reportedly done to minimize the tube effect of looking “through” one.
  • There are 2 models, the SRS01 with the familiar thumb screw mounts and the SRS02 with a QR mount.
  • Both are designed for AR15/10 flat tops and provide co-witness with iron sights.
  • 13.2 OZ with mount.

Our findings were that is indeed  has the big field of view people like out of an Eotech.  Personally, I prefer Aimpoints for their battery life and ruggedness and my go to red dot for the last 4 years has been the T1 due to the weight, 5 year battery life and the fact that for me, the housing disappears.  I felt the same thing with the SRS, that the housing disappears and the dot just floats superimposed over the target.  I do like the small dot and it can be set VERY bright, yes, “Aimpoint” bright but also be set very dim so that it has less bloom, appears smaller and thus obstructs less of the target at distance.   The ability do effectively make the dot very small and the ultra clear image quality really makes it feel like precision red dot, kind of a contradiction in terms but that’s how it seems in use.  Also, there is no tint to the glass so in very low light it doesn’t dim the target (as much as I love Aimpoints they do have a slight tint)

We tested shooting from non conventional positions which had less than ideal cheek weld and the target and dot were both easy to get on fast and there appeared to be no parallax issues.

I don’t really see the point of waxing poetically about it for 3 pages.. in short, it works as advertised and if you are in the market I would highly recommend trying to get behind one.  If you can’t and this sounds like it would work for you sincerely doubt you will be disappointed.  Trijicon makes great gear as we all know and is known for the exceptional customer service in the unlikely event of a failure.   Oh, and it is nice that these are 100% made in the USA.  I like that..




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