Concealed Carry Survey

Do you carry?  If yes, please Comment with:

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I carry a GLOCK G26 Gen 4 in a DeSantis Sof-Tuck holster.  My advice is to get a real gun belt (mine is from Tucker Gunleather).

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14 Responses to Concealed Carry Survey

  1. ccoker says:

    I recently received a Galco belly band.
    Carrying a Jframe 642 in it and I think it is probably best solution for absolute discreet carry there is.
    You can wear slacks and a tucked in shirt and be 100% confident it will never be noticed, not even to a knowledgeable guy looking for it.

    it feels a little odd at first and if you are very overweight it would probably be uncomfortable.
    I am currently about 20 over where I should be (working on that)
    Draw is a little slow but not any slower than a belt holster with a shirt tucked in / over holdster setup.

    It holds the gun very securely and you can take care of any personal business without worrying about the gun.

    I woukd prefer to carry a bigger gun IWB but sometimes that just isn’t an option.

  2. Mark C. says:

    I carry almost all the time Gen 3 G27.
    Mostly use a Soft Armor nylon holster that allows me to appendix carry IWB.
    Some say you have to spend a lot of money on a holster and get one of those pocket guns. My holster I use the most cost me about $12 sales tax included and it works well for me. I carry year round. G27 is a good subcompact in a caliber with some punch and good capacity 9+1 and a 13 round mag I carry with it. You don’t have to settle for a pocket pistol in a small caliber.

  3. ccoker says:

    Depends on where I am going, how I am dressed, time of year, etc..

    Wilson Combat Spec Ops 9 in a Secret Society IWB

    Dan Wesson Valor 1911 in same

    Jframe 642 with CT laser grips for deep cover or dropping into short pocket in holster

    Recently going full circle back to a Glock 19 (gen3) in either a Threat Solutions UCR Kydex IWB holster or a Crossbreed Supertuck

    Just got his pistol in, standard upgrades for me on a Glock are to do a trigger guard undercut and change out the sights. I may run the stock trigger group for some time or possibly change out to a 3.5lb disconnect. Just going to run as is for a while most likely.

    Just put on today a set of Ameriglo Hackathorn sights. Consists of a black rear with green tritium front with orange paint around it. Rear site cut is wide, I think this will be a great sight setup, very fast on target and the front sight just pops.

    I usually run Gold Dots or HSTs for ammo after extensive function testing.

  4. Cary Kieffer says:

    I didnt know you guys down there in Texas couldnt open carry… That sucks…I would have thought Texas of all places would have allowed that…I visited and LOVED the place. That definetly puts a pinch on you guys for hiding a gun well. Michigan gun laws generally are stupid but we CAN open carry…so if a gun shows then it does, who cares….I dont carry “openly” per se but if you can see we have a gun nobody gives a damn. Sorry to hear that about Texas.

  5. Kurt Gruber says:

    So it depends on what I am wearing.. but here is the main list.

    1. Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm in Safariland leather IWB holster (it fits nicely in the one fit for glocks).
    2. Sig P238 in my pocket
    3. H&K USP .40c in a Comp-Tac CTAC IWB holster.

    Really wish that the Texas legislature would extract head from hind end and allow open carry..

    • ccoker says:

      My dad just got a 238, either it needs 1k rounds through it to break the trigger in or a trigger job badly..
      How was yours?

      • ed wuensch says:

        Have your dad bring that Sig to my dental office and I’ll get it polished up and smoothed out for him! Four members of my family and I carry 238s in pocket holsters and we practice frequently. No problems with any of the guns so far. We always have them on us at all times. We all have Crimson Trace grip lasers. We work on awareness and decisiveness and mindset.

  6. Jason Burrell says:

    Glock 19 (will be a Glock 26 after this Friday), in a N82 Tactical Original IWB holster.

  7. Mike Coker says:

    Dieterich – I have a Crossbreed I use when I carry my Beretta PX4. Really like the Crossbreed.

  8. Dieterich says:

    Carry: Yes, everyday.
    Gun: Sig Tac Ops 1911
    Holster: Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe
    Advice: Carry your gun every day! It does no good to have it in your truck/car/at home when you walk into the grocery store. Life can’t be put on “pause” while you run to your vehicle to get armed.

    • Kurt Gruber says:

      In states like Texas where carry is limited to concealed only that isn’t always an option. That said I try to be carrying something most of the time. Always have firepower in the car.

  9. Josh says:

    Smith & Wesson 45c in a DeSantis Intruder IWB whenever legal…

  10. Tommy Lightfoot says:

    I carry a Ruger LCP 380 most of the time

  11. Cary Kieffer says:

    That one varies ALOT! Depends on where I’m goin and what I’m doing.
    NAA 22 mag, smith bodyguard 380 or DB-9 for shorts and no shirt stuff like the beach, boat or stayin at home loungin. All carried in my pocket.
    Out on Lake Erie you can be FAR from Coast Guard help too. So I always keep a fullsize pistol and a guage on the boat locked in a box in addition to the mini pistol in my shorts pocket.

    Generally I carry the Sig 290 with 8 rd mag all the rest of the time in the factory Sig holster. With 1 spare 6 rd mag

    When venturing into Detroit or Toledo, Lansing or Jackson its a subcompact XD or 4 inch Service Model XD in Uncle Mikes inside the pant holster or a factory paddle holster. With 2 spare magazines. Detroit also gets a complimentary M-4 and half a dozen 30 rd mags in the trunk…anybody who thinks thats crazy hasnt been to Detroit. I was LEO up that way for about 8 years and I met literally thousands of people who you carry these guns in case of…and they ALWAYS remember who YOU are. Your better off in Mosul, Iraq. Good post Mike!

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