Browning Citori – I have fired probably 25,000+ rounds through this fine 20 gauge shotgun with NO repairs or malfunctions.  Not a single repair.  The rounds were racked up on dove hunting trips to Cordoba, Argentina where it is not uncommon to shoot 1,000 – 3,000 rounds per day (or more if you are tough enough).

Dependable – rock solid.  Good looking gun.  Single-selective trigger.  Good selection of screw-in chokes.  Comes to the shoulder nicely and is well balanced.


Any gun that can fire this many rounds in field conditions without a single repair has to earn a high Value rating.

As you might expect, a bit heavy due to double barrells.  Not heavy for normal shooting but try lifting it 2,000 times one day…..

By the way, if you want the ultimate wingshooting experience go to Argentina and hunt with H&H outfitters.  No place on earth has as many birds and H&H is the premier outfitter in the area.  H&H has the roosts around Cordoba locked up.  Shoot 400 birds with x or shoot 2000 birds (per day) with H&H.

Anyone who hasn’t shot a fine double is missing out.  It is nice to have an option on shot pattern as the birds are coming in.  Screw in Improved/Modified, Skeet/Improved, Modified/Full to match the situation and then select which to fire.  Duck coming in to the decoys, select Modified, high passing shot select Full.

There are better Over Unders than the Citori and there are cheaper options as well.  However, bang for the buck the Citori is an excellent choice. 

By Mike Coker

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Publisher of Tactical Gun Review. Managing partner of Coker Tactical. I love hunting for Texas whitetail deer, wild hogs, and high-volume Argentina dove. When not hunting you can find me fishing along the Texas Coast or on a wild Colorado river.
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