Thanks to all who entered the Tactical Gun Review Redfield Counterstrike giveaway!  After much debate, Benjamin Mumm was chosen as the winner.  We simply could not deny a story that tied together unicorns, Nessie, and Chuck Norris!  His entry is re-printed below.  Congratulations Benjamin!

I must say, when I was looking around to buy a new sight, there were so many options it was hard to choose. For those of you in the same boat, THIS is the choice, and you’ll understand once you open the box. Right on top is the owners manual, which is bound with solid gold staples and printed on the skin of a cobra.

After setting the owners manual aside, you will see your new Redfield Counterstrike optic packaged ever so delicately in the box by castrating a male unicorn and inflating his scrotum to create an air cushion packaging material. Everyone else just uses plastic sealed bags, but Redfield wanted that extra touch of class, and it shows! Save the unicorn package, because you can use it later on down the line as a lens cover, some sewing required.

Now you can remove your Redfield Counterstrike from the box and place it in front of you to behold its glory. Notice all the user friendly features out of the box, the tethered caps, flip up lens covers if you don’t go ahead and sew your own out of highly desired unicorn sack, 4moa red/green dot, laser sight, and it’s waterproof! Lets get into these fine features, and I’ll tell you a little about how I use them.

I’ll start off with the laser sight. Most of us are familiar with laser sights. You turn it on and it projects a dot on the surface where your projectile would impact. Pretty simple point and shoot interface, but there are more uses than meet the eye. After practicing with the laser sight for close to 1 million rounds, I decided that I could probably enhance the functionality of the little red beam. I bought a couple books to help me in my endeavor, ‘MacGyver and Me’ as well as ‘Advanced Laser Technology.’ Surprisingly MacGyver wrote both books, and there was a lot of overlapping in content. I altered some of the interior components, and had to mount a larger power source on my rifle to get the desired outcome. I am now able to boil water in the field, remove tattoos up to 100yds, but my favorite is to saw chipmunks in half while cauterizing the wound leaving the top half still alive and functioning.

Now with the laser modified to MacGyver levels, the underwater feature loses its luster. If you turn the laser on before you submerge the optic, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s waterproof or not. The laser will instantly boil the water, creating a buffer layer of air keeping your entire firearm dry. Though, if you’re trying to do one of those fancy incognito missions, a trail of bubbling water isn’t the most inconspicuous thing to sneak around with, and that’s where the waterproof feature comes in. I wanted to test it to it’s full effect, so I booked a ticket to Britain donned some diving gear, and jumped into Loch Ness. I brought a plethora of game calls to assist in hunting Nessie since nobody has effectively figured out how to call her in since her discovery. I tried them all, deer, coyote, elk, moose, duck, goose, quail, mouse, squirrel, unicorn, dog, cat, water buffalo, dolphin, whale, yeti, and even penguin. In the end, Nessie was partial to a hybrid of the yeti/coyote mix. Initially it was going to be a simple hunt, Nessie came into view, I popped a shot, and that was supposed to be the end of it. Little did I know this creature had a different vital system than anything else I had ever encountered and would now attack. She latched onto me and started to shake me from side to side angrily and taking me deeper and deeper down to about 600 feet which is still about 150 feet feet from the bottom. Once she let go, and I got my bearings, I was easily able to acquire my target and unload my magazine effectively rendering the monster lifeless. After the submersions I did not have any problems with fogging or droplets in the optic.

I’ve always wondered to myself why if everyone going to an interchangeable dot color on their optics, so I opened the owners manual and got my answer. The Counterstrike has a secret code to unlock the ‘Rave Dot’ feature. It’s a modified version of the old Nintendo master code, “up, down, up down, left, right, left, right, up, right, down, left.” When you punch in this sequence, the dot of your optic will change from red to green with any noises. I figured this would be a great feature when I go out bounty hunting on avid clubbing enthusiasts. Since the color changes so fast to the beat of the music in the club, you don’t have much difficulty discerning it with the oodles of laser lights and strobes in the environment. This feature has drastically enhanced my ability to collect bounties in the most difficult environment for sight acquisition known to man!

This is the most effective sight I have laid my hands on. Keeps zero forever, hacks chipmunks in half, and boils water! I don’t want to brag, but I happen to get mine autographed by Chuck Norris, which made the whole assembly grow a beard, which is a great camouflage. I hope everyone the best of luck with their optic, and hope they are as happy with theirs as I am with mine.

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