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3 Suppressors for Hunting

LMT Suppressed

Silencers can now be used for hunting in forty States.  Eighteen States have legalized suppressors since the American Silencer Association was formed in 2011.  As of September 1, 2012 it became legal to hunt game animals with a suppressor in my home State of Texas – and you can bet I was ready with a new Templar Tactical (Crux) Ark30!  That first year only a handful of my friends were deer hunting with a suppressor.  Today, I estimate that at least a third of the sportsmen on our hunting lease run a can.Silencers Hunting

What is the best suppressor for hunting?  The short answer is, “whatever you got” as long as it fits the lawful definition in your State.  However, there are a handful of suppressors specifically made for hunting and we have field experience with many of them.  These hunting-specific suppressors share common traits:

  • Full-size silencer around 8″ length.
  • Aluminum / Stainless construction.
  • Moderate price point around $500 – $700 street.
  • Not Short Barrel Rifle rated.
  • Not Full Auto rated.
  • Direct thread or taper mount.
  • 7.62 caliber.

Let’s take a look at three of the most highly recommended suppressors purpose-built for hunting.  These models will all provide years of enjoyment and make a great entry-point into the NFA world.   It is important to understand that these are not heavy-duty beaters to burn through mag-dumps.  These are quality products but they are designed to run moderate rate of fire on hunting rifles.  Contrary to what the liberal left would tell you, suppressors are ideally suited for hunting.

Gemtech Tracker

Gemtech built the Tracker specifically for hunting.  At only 11.3 ounces and 7.9 inches it is lightweight – which is great when stalking through the woods or mountains.  Gemtech is a well-respected industry leader.  You can’t go wrong with the Tracker.  Silencer Shop current price $470.

Full Review of the Gemtech Tracker!

Gemtech Tracker on a TC Contender

Sig Sauer SRD556 QD Suppressor Review

Sig Sauer SRD556-QD

The Sig Sauer SRD556-QD is a durable, full-auto rated, stainless steel suppressor featuring their Fast-Attach quick detach mount. The Sig silencer is instantly recognizable due to its unique design elements.

Hunting with a Suppressor

On September 1, 2012 it became legal to hunt game animals with a suppressor in Texas.  Thanks to the tireless work of the American Suppressor Association and the National Rifle Association more states are allowing suppressors to be used while hunting.  It is critical that you validate your own state’s regulations before going into the field to hunt with a silencer.  

Suppressor versus Silencer.

Let’s get something out of the way.  Either term is acceptable and anyone who corrects you for using the “wrong” word is an idiot.  

Silencer Shop Authority: Surefire SOCOM556-RC2

SureFire SOCOM556-RC2

Surefire has certainly become a dominant player in the suppressor market.  I remember buying my first Surefire flashlight many years ago (the “FBI” model) and it still serves me well today.  Today, Surefire is also known for producing innovative silencers.  As the labeling indicates, the SOCOM556-RC2 has been adopted by US Special Operations Command.  I had the opportunity to run the can on my 5.56 custom build over the weekend.

Silencer Shop Authority Gemtech GM-22 Review

Gemtech GM-22

The new Gemtech GM-22 rimfire suppressors is one of the shortest and lightest suppressors we have tested.  At 5 inches in length and only 2.5 ounces it is barely noticeable on a .22 rifle and does not affect the balance of a handgun.  But how does it perform?  Quite well actually.

Is it the absolute quietest rimfire silencer on the market?  No, however .22 is not that loud to start.  The GM-22 reduces sound signature by 36-39 decibels.  Honestly, I could not tell the difference between the GM-22 and several other rimfire suppressors while testing for this review article.  Certainly when you drop down into subsonic loads it is whisper quiet.  A longer suppressor with more internal volume will be marginally quieter but there is a trade-off in weight and balance.

Hearing Protection Infographic

Pro Ears

Our friends at The Smoking Barrel sent us a neat Infographic explaining hearing protection as related to the shooting sports.  This ties in perfectly with our support of the Hearing Protection Act.  The Hearing Protection Act is promoted by the American Suppressor Association. Learn more.  Check it out this neat Infographic by clicking the Read More link below.

AAC Ti-RANT 45 Suppressor on a M&P 9

AAC TiRant

Purchasing your first suppressor can be intimidating.  Not only is a high quality suppressor expensive but the entire buying experience is confusing to first-timers.  In addition to the purchase price itself, you also have the added expense of a $200 tax stamp along with a months-long wait.  That wait is a killer – kind of like Christmas morning being postponed four months.  Two pieces of advice, 1) purchase your silencer (yes, “silencer” is an acceptable term, don’t let the NFA snobs tell you otherwise) from a reputable shop that sells a high volume of silencers, and 2) make your first purchase a 7.62 for rifles or a .45 ACP for pistols.

AAC Illusion 9 Suppressor Review

AAC Illusion 9

Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) has always been one of the innovators in suppressor design.  The AAC Illusion 9 continues that tradition.  The Illusion 9 uses an eccentric design whereby the hole the bullet travels is offset from center.  “Timed” correctly, this effectively lowers the majority of the suppressor volume which allows the suppressor to run on many 9mm pistols while using factory sights.  The typical round suppressor is “taller” and blocks out the factory sight picture – which can be solved by installing new tactical sights but that incurs additional expense (and frankly, no one likes tall tactical sights).

Hearing Protection Act – Fight The Noise!

SilencerCo, the American Suppressor Association, and the SilencerShop have teamed up to introduce a bill to remove silencers (i.e. suppressors) from the NFA.  If the legislation becomes law, a suppressor would be transferred through an ATF Form 4473 just like a rifle.  Most importantly, no $200 tax stamp, a reduction of the paperwork hurdles, and elimination of the long wait times wondering if the government is going to accept your tax payment and allow you to possess the suppressor you have already paid for.

SilencerCo has launched a new Fight The Noise campaign.  Join in today!

Silencerco Spectre 2 Suppressor

Silencerco Spectre 2

The Silencerco Spectre 2 suppressor is an outstanding choice for anyone wanting a durable multi-caliber rimfire suppressor.  The Spectre 2 is rated for .22lr of course but also .17 HMR, .22 MAG, .22 WMR, .22 Hornet, and 5.7mm.  I have tested this suppressor on both pistol and rifle and it has delivered as promised.  There is very little “first round pop.”  It is 5.98″ in length and weighs 6.8 ounces.  It is user serviceable – critical in a suppressor firing dirty .22 ammo.  Enjoy the video.

Dead Air Armament™ Announce New Mask-22™ Suppressor

Dead Air Armament

Lawrenceville, Ga. (January 2015) – Dead Air Armament™, the suppressor company founded by Mike Pappas and distributed through BPI Outdoors, is proud to announce the latest addition to their 100% USA made, unique product line, the Mask -22 silencer.

Dead Air’s new .22LR suppressor is available in two versions, a Heavy Duty constructed of titanium and stainless steel and a Light Duty model that is a proprietary blend of titanium and 7075 T6 Aluminum. Since the .22LR caliber is well-known to be one of the “dirtiest” rounds, Dead Air came up with the ultimate solution by making the Mask-22 disassemble easily and completely for cleaning.  A Cerakote finish on both models prevent corrosion and wear from what will be years of shooting enjoyment.

Dead Air Armament® Launches 7.62 Sandman® Suppressor Line

Lawrenceville, Ga. (November 2014) –  Dead Air Armament®, producers of game-changing, 100 percent USA-made suppressors, launches the 7.62 Sandman® product line, which includes the Sandman-S®, Sandman-L® and Sandman Ti® models. What sets Dead Air suppressors apart from the competition is attention to detail in engineering and materials. Sandman® baffles are constructed from 100 percent Stellite®, more costly than traditional stainless steel, but offering better performance under extreme conditions and usage than Inconel®. Tubes are made from high performance precipitation hardened stainless steel, making the Sandman® series lightweight with no sacrifice on strength.