Real Avid Revelation – Lighted Knife

Real Avid Revelation

Have you ever field dressed big game after dark by the light from a headlamp or truck headlights?  It is not the easiest thing to do especially if conditions are cold and nasty.  Real Avid has come to the rescue with their Revelation series of lighted knifes.  A lighted knife?  Yes sir, a stack of small alkaline batteries reside in the knife handle and the light is activated by a small press switch.  There is an LED light on each side of the blade and they project enough light to help get the job done quickly and, most importantly, safely.

There are four models of Real Avid Revelation:

  • The original Revelation.
  • Revelation with gut hook.
  • Revelation Amp.
  • Revelation Amp 3-in-1 includes gut hook and saw.

Specifications of the Revelation:

  • 440 surgical stainless steel 4″ blade.
  • Two LED lights.
  • Battery compartment.
  • On-Off switch.
  • Non-slip soft texture handle.
  • Nylon sheath.

If you have ever been frustrated dressing out game after dark the Real Avid Revelation deserves a look.  I always carry at least two knifes in my hunting backpack and the Revelation is in there.

I have field dressed several deer and a couple of hogs with the Revelation and can vouch for the non-slip handle even during a cold rain.


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  1. Charles Coker says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the knife itself.. It has a good feel and is wicked sharp and stays sharp..

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