Manners Precision MCS-T Stock for Remington 700 Review

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Manners Precision MCS-T Stock for Remington 700

Manners Composite stocks are a highly respected small manufacturer.

Every stock is handbuilt, one at a time to your order with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. I spoke with Tom Manners several times about what I was looking for in a stock, the gun I was using (Remington LTR 308) and opted to have the MCS-T built in 4 color digital camo. Tom and his staff were always very polite and professional and never once did I get the feeling I was pestering them (which I probably was!). I opted for the MCS-T as I wanted an all around stock, not just bench or prone shooting but for hunting and tactical matches.

It came with a 1″ Pachmyre Decelator pad installed and sling studs.

Manners stock

Manners stock

My gun with the HS Precision stock shot extremely well, I had no issues there, I just didn’t like the fit of the stock and it felt barrel heavy. While I did not weight both stocks, they felt about the same except the Manners was a tad heavier in the butt. This worked out very well and shooting offhand the gun balances better now. I did lightly bed the action in front of the recoil lug with Marine Tex. The barreled action dropped right in with the exception of there was a little bit of resistance on the safety. I determined it to be the aftermarket Jewell trigger saftey bar and had to remove a tiny bit of material with a dremel for clearance. Had I told Tom upfront they would have most assureadly addressed that.

Manners stock

Manners stock

The gun still shoots fantastic, .5″ at 300 yards and I shoot to 1K with it.

I think the stock is a work of gun art and everyone who checks it out agrees.

In short, I would highly recommend Manners stocks to anyone in the market.

At the range, USO SN3 3.2-17×44

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