For some time now I have wanted to replace the original HS precision stock on my LTR for several reasons.  I always preferred pistol grips on all of my rifles to me it felt more natural and as someone who had been trained by the military to shot the M16 some 35 years ago,  hunting stocks never quite felt right in my hands.  Also the original stock was not adjustable for me and the only way to put bipods on was to attach it to a sling point.  This attachment had a serious down side because fiberglass was acting like a spring making it hard from the bench to make follow up shots and watching where the bullet impacted was near impossible at long range.  I also wanted a system where I could use Magazines that I could load in from the bottom instead of cramming bullets down through the top of the action, particularly with the IOR Valdada 3x18x50 scope sitting on top of this rifle or trying to use gloves.

After looking around at different options and costs, I friend told me about XLR evolution chassis and it uses AICS magazines.  So got up on their sight and to my surprise I found what I was looking for.  A simple bolt in chassis system, where I would not have to bed the stock and do all the other fitting normal that comes along with installing fiber glass stocks.  So I called XLR and talked to Kyle Miller, the owner and ordered one of his chassis, with the 14 inch hand guard.  Upon receiving The XLR Evolution stock I found that it came with a one page installation instruction.  Switching out stocks was fast and simple and I used the LEATHERMAN MUT multi tool (if you can only own one Multi tool this is the one you want) to do all but 1 screw and of course a torque wrench for final tightening.  I had to replace the low rings with on the IOR Valdada 3x18x50 with mid height rings to make it work on this chassis but a quick call to Valdada and 1 day later that was taken care of that was done!  Thank you Valdada optics, your service is great and you guys are always a pleasure talking with!

First impressions; Feels great in my hands, comfortable and it is a great looking chassis systems with all sorts of options and the bottom line it functions and I could now adjust the stock to fit me.   Sighted in the rifle and found that it no longer bounced, making follow up shoots a lot faster and loading from the bottom was natural for me.  I had a 15 mph cross wind with gusts up to 30 mph, not ideal for shooting but with the bounce gone, I could watch the bullet impacts at 750 yards.  I went back out on a calmer day and pushed the LTRs 20 inch barrel out to 1000 yards and did a heck of a lot better because of the XLR Evolution Chassis system, it works and I’m extremely happy!


Evolution Chassis Package
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