I have a Wilson Combat TTU single stage in my WC 6.8 SPC Recon.

It’s perfect.

There is no creep whatsoever, no overtravel, just a clean glass rod break and an instant reset. When I let people check it out they all comment on how nice it is, usually along the lines of “ooh… that’s NICE” with a big grin on their face.

I have used Rock River National Match, JP, Gieselle, Timney, etc.. in ARs.

My LTR 308 has a Jewell and while I have it set lighter, the TTU is every bit as nice.

It has never failed to ignite a primer, including CCI 41 Milspec.

Wilson Combat TTU

Wilson Combat TTU



  • Crisp
  • zero creep
  • no overtravel
  • instant reset


  • None, other than it makes me want one in every lower I use


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