One of the things you hear all the time is why are Aimpoints so much more expensive than other red dots.  Aren’t they all basically the same?  Well, the answer is of course, “no, they are not”.  To me, some of what you are paying for it peace of mind, with the 5 years constant run time battery life I know it’s going to be ready to go when I need it.  With the 25 meter submersible spec, I know it’s waterproof.  With all the reports of how tough they are and how product guys from Aimpoint will throw one across a parking lot, kick it and then use it I hear how tough they are.  When I have hunted with on on a 44 mag with stout loads that have killed lesser ones in 6 shots, I KNOW how tough they are.

Recently, I got to experience it again.

A few months ago we were at our hunting lease doing some shooting and product testing.  I was switching back and forth optics on various ARs and when I got home a few days later I couldn’t find my T1.  I tore apart all my bags, called my brother to do the same.

No go! Crap!

About a month went by before I could get back to the lease and look for it.  Couldn’t find it.  Man, I was NOT happy.

This weekend we were back at the lease (3 months since I lost it) and went back to the same spot I last had it.  This time, armed with a metal detector.  After about 45 minutes my son yells, “dad, I found it!”

It was buried under the sand!

I looked at it, caked in sand and clay mud and just cringed..

I washed the lense off and the dot was still lit!

I took it back to the cabin and ran it under the sink and washed it thoroughly.  Dried it off, mounted it on my Wilson 16″ Recon 5.56 and went to the range.

As expected, it was 100% good to go.

Might cheaper ones have still worked?  Might an Eotech still have worked (wouldn’t have still been on of course with the 8hr shutoff)?

Perhaps, but as I said earlier, I trust that an Aimpoint will work when I need it, despite the occasional abuse.




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