I purchased this for a long-range .223 semi-auto rifle, intending to both hunt and target shoot with it. Overall I am pleased with it.

Pros: affordable, mil/mil, nice glass, good turrets

Cons: 1″ tube, no illumination

I really like this little scope, and even though it only has a 1″ tube it has a large amount of internal travel so it would still be useful on a long range rifle where you might need to dial for quite a bit of elevation. A larger 30mm tube would not be a terrible upgrade though (Weaver, are you listening?). The glass is quite good for a sub-$500 scope. This scope is mil/mil, so even a drunk monkey could estimate range with it. It is currently only available at MidwayUSA, and typically retails for $399 but it seems to be on sale for $299 VERY frequently. If you buy one, catch the sale.

The turrets on this scope are very good for something in this price range, they are not squishy at all and have very pronounced clicks. I do with they offered an illuminated model. Paralax does not seem to be a major issue even at close ranges. Eye relief is pretty forgiving, but it is somewhat long so if you run this on an AR you will likely need a forward-extended 1pc. mount like a PEPR or something.

I don’t have a lot else to add, this thing is just flat out dependable. I used it all last summer to decimate local prarie dog populations in a heavily grazed pasture, and it was very effective. So much so that I have to find somewhere else to hunt them because I think I killed too many to sustain the “town”… i’m sure the rancher is glad to see them gone. It also worked pretty good on crows at medium range (perched or feeding, not flying), i’m very happy with the clarity of this optic for the money I spent.

I’ve put it on my m-14 for now, and I will give it a try with the larger caliber. I fully expect it to impress me, and I have no doubt that it will be reliable & repeatable even on an optics-harsh platform like that.

By: Brad Woodard

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