The Viking Tactics Extreme handguard is one of the newer breed of AR15 handguards that allows the user to put a small section of rail just where they need it.
Most guys are not running so much gear they really need a full quad rail handguard and so why have a heavier and more expensive handguard?


There is a picatinny rail that runs on the top of the handguard that lines up with the rail on the upper.
Supplied with the forearm are 1×4″ and 2×2″ rail sections you can mount where you need them for say a tac light, laser, etc..

The handguard is also a bit smaller in diameter than other rails which makes it a bit more ergonomic and easier to handle. Especially compared to a quad rail.

The VTAC Extreme is lightweight at 12.6 ounces with the supplied barrel nut.

Installation is easily accomplished using the supplied barrel nut and barrel nut tool.

Simply replace your existing barrel nut if upgrading an existing handguard.
Torque to spec aligning the gas tube through one of the openings in the barrel nut.
Slide the handguard on with it rotated about a 1/4″ to the left side of the gun, slide all the way on and the non rotating index tab goes under the rail on the upper.
Turn the handguard counterclockwise to align the rails from the handguard and upper rail. This action puts the tab up against the upper reciever preventing it from being able to rotate.
Tighten the 2 allen headed bolts on the bottom to lock onto the barrel nut.
Attach rail(s) as needed with the supplied hardware


In short, I really like this handguard, it’s light, durable, feels good in your hands and is customizable to your needs.
On top of that, it’s reasonably priced and backed by Viking Tactics, one of the most respected names in the shooting community.

Custom build with Noveske 18″ lightweight barrel
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