After long searching for a nice used Uberti 1873 rifle in the 38/357 caliber with no luck, I broke down and purchased one new.  I selected a 19inch deluxe carbine version with round barrel and carbine stock and case hardened steel receiver (deluxe is the case hardened receiver) from Taylor & Co.  I wanted something short for hunting out of the truck and this length seemed right.  This same rifle can be found in many other configurations including an octagon barrel, blued receiver, rifle butt stock, longer barrel etc.  First impressions for this rifle were Whoa!  Even my FFL was impressed.  The action is very smooth and the fit and finish is perfect.  I am NOT looking forward to that first scratch.

I’ve never seen a lever action rifle with a trigger like you find on most modern bolt guns, but this one seemed pretty nice. At the range I set up at 50yrds with a steel gong target (24″ tall x 18″ wide) with some hand loaded 158grain 38special loads.  These loads were really weak since I use them to shoot in my 357 magnum with new shooters, but at 50yrds I could consistently hit the target in a standing position with no support.  Next, I backed out to 100yrds and again shot standing with no support with the same results.  My wife who shoots a rifle very infrequently, was able to hit the target about 50% of the time standing with no support from 100yrds.  I backed out to 200 yards and flipped up the ladder site and adjusted it for 200 yards.  From the standing position I was able to hit the target maybe 75% of the time.  By no means do I consider myself a precision rifle man, so I was really happy with this accuracy at that range.  Next I backed out to 400yrds, adjusted the ladder site to 400 and used the bed of the truck as a rest.  It took me a couple of shots, but I made that gong ring with no other adjustments to the sites, only a careful trigger pull.  Later that evening me and a buddy were taking turns shooting jack rabbits while spotlighting with the kids.  The 158grain bullet hits the rabbit with a big thud and they stay down.  Everyone who shot the rifle told me  “if you ever go to sell it, let me know”.  Thanks, but I think I’ll keep this one.

Fantastic fit and finish.

With any lever action, cleaning can be a bit of a pain.  Unlike a bolt gun, the cleaning rod must be inserted from the muzzle.

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