Trijicon Accupoint 3-9×40 Mildot with green dot reticle review

Trijicon Accupoint 3-9×40 Mildot with green dot reticle.

I flat out think the Trijicon Accupoint series of scopes are the best value on the market for a hunting scope. I have had higher priced Euro scopes that may ever, ever, ever so slightly have better glass, but the Trijicon is a step up from good Leupolds, Nikon Monarchs, Bushnell 4200s, and on par with the Zeiss Conquest.

When you factor in their brilliant illuminated reticle system and it makes the Accupoint probably the best deal out there for a hunting scope.

No batteries, no switches to fail.The dot for night time use is “just” bright enough to put the bulllet where it needs to go and nothng more. Too many ill ret scopes are too briight even at their lowest setting and actually obscure the targert and or make your iris contract hurting your night vision. Some people think the Accupoints, especially the crosshair model with the small dot (my preference) are not bright enough. In actual field use it’s perfect. Self regulating brightness, perfect for bright sunshine, low light and even into night for hog / varmint hunting.

I have had the triangle versions and the crosshair/dot versions in red, amber and green (dot only).

My preference is the crosshair with a green dot.

Every person who looks through my scope is instantly impressed with the glass clarity and that glowing little dot.

The scope holds zero and I have never had a single issue with any of the Triijicon products I have owned incuding several ACOGS and Accupoints

Mine is on my #1 rifle, a Wilson Combat 6.8 SPC, it’s a fantastic hunting scope.
Trijicon Accupoint
This buck with really tall brow tines didn’t show up until right at 30 minutes past sundown at the edge of a treeline at 325 yards. One shot from a 95g Barnes TTSX did the trick.

This pig didn’t stand a chance

This scope is now on a Sako AV 25-06 and will be used this fall going after a big trophy class whitetail.
I pay a lot of money to hunt in Texas, and trust this scope to be there when I need it at last possible light when the big boys start to move.

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