A collection of nicely done training videos from the net.

This first one is from Todd Jarrett and it the one I always recommend.  I tell people watch this 5 times, go shoot, watch it again, repeat.

Todd Jarret on proper handgun grip technique

Kyle Lamb with Viking Tactics training with a good AR drill.  I like this because he emphasis shoot to stop the threat, not double tap and move to the next like we tend to do with 3 gun.  Good reminder while 3 gun is a lot of fun, it is not the same thing as defensive shooting.

Notice how he drives the rifle hard into his shoulder as he mounts the gun… he has fantastic control of the weapon.

Shooting as flat as most guys do with dedicated 3 gun rigs with a rifle length gas system and a big comp.

Kyle Lamb 1-5 Rifle drill

Kyle Lamb with the El Presedente drill

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