Tracking Point is an Austin based startup that has spent the last 3 years developing a state of the art computer controlled weapon system.  They introduced the system at SHOT 2013.  We are fortunate enough to be local and were invited to the Best Of the West shooting range just outside of Austin where we shoot weekly.  This system basically is like an F16 fire control system where you lock on your target, the computer does it’s computations and controls when to release the shot.  It is pretty amazing and the amount of time and money spent on R&D given that there are 50 employees at the company with most of them being engineers has to be staggering.

We started with an overview of the system:


All use a host rifle package that is guaranteed to hold .5 MOA.

They start with a Surgeon action and a Kreiger barrel and are offered in 3 configurations based on intended use and a max range:

  • XS3 in 300 Win Mag features a 22″ barrel and a McMillan A5 stock and has a range of 850 yards
  • XS2 in 300 Win Mag features a 24″ barrel with a brake and an Accuracy International chassis and has a range of 1ooo yards

  • XS1 in 338 Lapua features a 27″ barrel with a brake and Accuracy International chassis and has a range of 1200 yards

During the development of these rifles they used dopplar radar to track the actual flight path of the bullets in different geographical locations!

The ammo that is supplied is all match grade ammo made to their specs with a guaranteed maximum FPS deviation of 10 FPS.  That is TIGHT.

You can get hunting loads that feature the Barnes LRX bullets or Sierra Matchkings, and of course, the system knows the ballistic performance in varying conditions.

When you spend a few hours with these guys shooting the guns and asking lots of questions it is very clear there are in this for the long haul.

This is what it looks like through the HUD:

Me doing a little shooting.. (and yes, it was FUN!)


For more info:

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