Adam and I spent Saturday afternoon at a private training facility in central Texas.  We got a few sessions on video – Running a few drills

Using a TR24 red triangle and a Wilson Combat 16″ midlength gas system
Working on driving the gun and controlling muzzle lift.
Shooting about as fast as I can accurately.
Shooting with a broken index finger and having to use my right middle finger slows me down a bit

I was running the Wilson Combat small vertical foregrip for the first time, I set it out near the end of the riflelength handguard and was using the thumb over method and pulling back to with the stock collapsed and tucked in tight beneath my chin.   I never liked VFGs just being held onto like a lollipop, but this method really does help drive the gun to different targets quickly and maintain sight alignment on target during rapid fire.

Note that steel is 50 yards left and right and 75 center, running frangible ammo

Aimpoint T1 vs Trijicon TR24 vs Leupold Patrol

A quick compare of 3 different optics for up shooting close on the move
Not suprisingly, the T1 was the “easiest” to shoot fast
Followed by the TR24 red triangle
Then the Leupold Patrol 1.25-4

I really don’t like to say which was the fastest because that would require running the same drills back to back against a timer
I would rather rate in terms of “ease of use” because it is a bit more subjective to a given person’s experience

I personally didn’t perceive much noticeable difference between the TR24 and the T1 up close, at steel plates at 100 yards I need to go back and do some more A/B testing because part of me feels the T1 might actually be a little quicker to place the small dot on the plate (we were shooting 12″ w x 18″ t plates)

Once you step out to say 25 yards, the difference between the 1.25x and TR24’s true 1x becomes less noticeable
Between these two scopes, I would give the upper hand to the TR24 for shooting on the move and close in.
It does lack any holdover points but the view as a result is nice and clear, uncluttered.
Running a 50/200 yard zero puts you 3″ low at 250
with the 4MOA Triangle you could place the bottom of the triangle on the target at 350 and get hits
At 500 I would be dialing it in

I like the Patrol because it has holdover points, glass between the two is pretty much a tie and it has matching turrets with .1 mil increments.
It also has the holdover points built into the reticle that are mil, so having matching turret and reticle is ideal.

For defensive use it’s a no brainer to use the T1

For 3 gun use if most of your local matches are 100 yards and under with the occasional 250 yard steel I don’t think you would gain much if anything by using a 1-4 frankly. Hitting a 12-18″ plate at 250 is easy with the T1 and personally, I am not a big fan of adding a magnifier

Between the 2 scopes

If you need more precision at distance then I would opt for the Patrol, if sheer speed up close is more important then the TR24 is probably the better choice.
Both are very nice scopes that are reasonably priced.

Adam running the Saiga 12 and Socom 16
Having a little fun on FBI qualifier targets

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