This is a review of the TexasBoars DDT weapon mounted light used for hog hunting.  S


2 x 3 watt LEDS, one red and one green Attaches to scope via a scope mounted ring which is mounted with the base facing upwards which attaches to the light unit. QR style ring allows easy on and off. Small 12v battery attaches to stock via velcro strap on/off or momentary pressure switch Illuminates out to 75+ yardsKevin Ryer is an avid hog hunter and came up with these lights.

His other creations that are well known through Texas are the red LED feeder lights that have been deployed very succesfully for years. Starting in 2009 he started mixing red and green LEDs togther, it produces a sort of amber light. My take on it is the green penetrates and reaches out farther than just red, but may be a bit too intense and have the potential to spook wary older boars. The combo of red and green seems to work as I have used it several times on hogs with out any sign of them spooking. Several hogs have met their demise with these lights!

With the DDT, you can mount to your gun for waking to and from your blind or use to illuminate when you hear hogs or want to scan an area. Be advised, Kevin recommends leaving the lights on over a feeder and not moving them. I have flicked my on and off a few times on feeding hogs with no issues. Though, one time I did turn it on at some deer about 50 yards away and they bolted (just a test, light was not on the gun)

The pressure switch is on a cable that gets put in line between the battery and and light, so, you can simply not use it and go straight from battery to light which turns the light on. I have taken the light and battery together, on, and just put on the roof of the blind aimed at the feeder area.

With a feeder 75 yards or so from a blind, it will illumiate the area around the feeder about 20 square yards.

Kevin says the light is good for about 75 yards with a decent scope and I agree, with a good scope and some moonlight you can get out farther than that. Of course, if it’s a very dark night and if there’s mist or lots of dust in the air that can reduce your effective range.

If your standard hunting distances are around 75 yards, you are good to go with this light. If you need to routinely reach out farther than that I would go with the 9 Watt version which uses 3 lights. If you really need to reach out, get the Sendero version with 18 watts and a dimmer switch to turn the lights down at closer ranges.

This is good stuff and I highly recommend them.

Please note, that there is a newer version available now as well as a mount to go directly to a picatinny rail.

Small, light, great run time

Would be nice to see this offered with a small NMHD battery pack with a charger

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