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Manners Composite Stock for Savage

A while back I picked up a Savage Model 12LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor.  The rifle came from the factory with detachable bottom metal, an HS Precision Stock, and for a mostly inexpensive rifle is well equipped.  But right away I found issues I did not like with the factory configuration.  The barrel on this rifle is a fluted bull barrel that is 26″ long, so getting into and out of a vehicle is cumbersome.  Also, the HS Precision stock had a low comb and was in fact chipped near the bottom of the stock.  Both easily fixed and minor, but I did not like it much.  I had received an extended magazine release and 10 round mags from Dark Eagle Customs which worked very well, but I was not satisfied with the rifle to this point.  I decided to take the rifle to the next level and contacted Manners Composite Stocks.