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Long Back British PLCE Bergen – A Military Classic

I’ve been lusting after a British Short Back PLCE military bergen for about 9 months now.  Just a clarification of terms, “bergen” means the same as backpack. PLCE stands for Personal Load Carrying Equipment. Think of it as the British equivalent of our old ALICE system. I’ve tried everything to replicate on, from a medium alice to a ILBE Marine pack.  Nothing has worked quite like I wanted to. The ILBE is just too damn long, meant to be carried like an alpine rucksack and transfer the weight of your load to your hips via its padded hip belt.

The ALICE is decent, but the frame is a bit too long to sit on top of webbing. When I try to The MOLLE II rucksack came close when I shortened it up, but I didn’t care for the external plastic frame. As for the ALICE? Well, I’ve tried a mixture of MOLLE and ALICE parts, including chopping up an ALICE frame. No success just yet. I needed a Short Back PLCE bergen.


3 Surplus European Backpacks You’ve Probably Never Used – But Should


If you’re looking for an alternative to the standard ALICE Medium backpack, you might want to consider European military surplus packs. They range in price from moderate to extremely cheap. Let’s look at three of the most commonly available, the German Kampfrucksack, the large Austrian ALICE-type bag, and the Polish Leopard-pattern rucksack.