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Adams Industries Legionnaire clip on Gen III night vision

Making precision shots with a magnified optic has its limitations as the light fades.  When it comes to shooting and hunting, there comes a time when the night simply gets in the way.  Whether you are unable to see the target due to darkness or your prey only comes out at night, target identification is critical.  Owning the night has historically been an expensive endeavor and we would all love to have tens of thousands of dollars wrapped up in Night Vision. Clip on weapon sights are complex optics often well out of the reach of most civilian shooters in terms of price and availability. There is now a high quality alternative from Adams Industries called the Legionnaire.


Night Vision requirements for hog hunting

I see it is time for me to render a comprehensive Night Vision Device evaluation for you guys. I am happy to do that.  Let’s start with requirements:

1) Do you really need high resolution…enough so that you can tell the difference between a small pig and a raccoon, or a huge hog and a calf, at 100 or even 150 yards?

2) Do you need a variable gain feature? Will you be entering widely varied light fields? I.e, will you go quickly from the pitch blackness of the woods to the lights of a street or house?

3) Will you need magnification?. Will you need a reticle in the optic, or just a viewing device? Do you have experience with lasers? Are you familiar with infrared technology?