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Knife Rights

Many of you know of Todd Rathner and his NFA Freedom Alliance.  In addition to his work on NFA rights, Todd has also been successfully lobbying in support of Knife Rights.    Being based in Texas, TGR is especially pleased with the changes coming September 1, 2017.  As of September, Texans will be free to carry pretty much any blade you might want.  As you might imagine, the news channels are stunned that it will soon be legal to walk down the street with a sword or Bowie knife!

The real problem is that the previous law contained vague language surrounding such terms as “dagger” and “poniard.”  Under current law, an “Illegal knife” is defined as:

  • knife with a blade over five and one-half inches;
  • hand instrument designed to cut or stab another by being thrown;
  • dagger, including but” not limited to a dirk, stiletto, and poniard;
  • bowie knife;
  • sword; or
  • Spear.

Under the new Texas statute, “illegal knife” is changed to “location-restricted knife.”  Which basically means you can’t carry a blade greater than 5.5 inches into specific restricted locations like schools, airports, hospitals, prisons, taverns, and racetracks.

These types of efforts are going on across the USA thanks to Todd Rathner, the American Knife & Tool Institute, and the good folks at Knife Rights.

Join Knife Rights and the NFA Freedom Alliance today!



Makin’ Bacon 4 Machine Gun Shoot

Makin' Bacon 4

The Texas NFA community gathered outside Floresville, TX for the annual Makin’ Bacon machine gun shoot.  The shoot is organized as a fundraiser for the NFA Freedom Alliance.  The NFA Freedom Alliance is run by Todd Rathner.

“The NFA Freedom Alliance exists for the sole purpose of representing the interests of owners, dealers, and manufactures of items regulated by the National Firearms Act.”

The event was a big success.  The money raised will go towards lobbying for our NFA rights.

Join the NFA Freedom Alliance now.  

Shotgun Lisa

Shotgun Lisa

Thanks to everyone for supporting the NFA Freedom Alliance.  See you at Bacon 5.

And then after Bacon…..

After the event was over, we hosted Todd at our hunting lease south of Seguin.  We were hunting with the new Trijicon IR-Hunter thermal scope.   Todd got on two big wild Texas hogs.  The first required a 400 yard stalk. Todd got within 30 yards (depth perception is different with thermal) and whacked this magnificent beast.

Trijicon IR-Hunter

Todd Rathner’s hog

Gear used was LMT AR-10, Trijicon IR-Hunter, Federal Fusion .308 150gr, and Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon.

The next night we set up on a large stock tank before sunset.  The Trijicon thermal is just awesome.  It was pitch black when I spotted a large pig coming through the woods.  We got Todd on the rifle and he whacked this giant sow at about 100 yards.  The full hunting story and review of the Trijicon thermal is coming.

Trijicon IR-Hunter

Todd Rathner and big Texas Sow

NFA Freedom Alliance.



Hearing Protection Act – Fight The Noise!

SilencerCo, the American Suppressor Association, and the SilencerShop have teamed up to introduce a bill to remove silencers (i.e. suppressors) from the NFA.  If the legislation becomes law, a suppressor would be transferred through an ATF Form 4473 just like a rifle.  Most importantly, no $200 tax stamp, a reduction of the paperwork hurdles, and elimination of the long wait times wondering if the government is going to accept your tax payment and allow you to possess the suppressor you have already paid for.

SilencerCo has launched a new Fight The Noise campaign.  Join in today!


New Frontier Armory – LW15: Lightweight Polymer Lowers

I have been watching the development of several versions of polymer lowers over the past few years, and after learning more about their product development and testing process I decided to try out New Frontier Armory’s polymer AR-15 lower (LW-15 Gen II).