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MasterPiece Arms Mini Pistol in 9mm. MPA930SST MPA 9mm

I just finished a piece on the MPA 9mm Carbine for home defense. I really like that little rifle. Well this is the same gun in a pistol configuration. The MasterPiece Arms MPA930SST Mini Pistol in 9mm. Aside from obviously the barrel length and stock there are a few significant differences in this latest version of the MPA 9mm. Lets go over them.


MPA 9mm in the Home Defense Role. MasterPiece Arms makes a Great Mac-11

Today I want to go over what I think is a very good home/self defense carbine. I have said it many times I would rather fight with a rifle over a pistol any day and shotguns too. Let’s take a look at the MasterPiece Arms MPA 9mm for the home defense/personal protection role.