By Staff Writer: Charles Coker

This subject comes up often when you around gun guys..

Aimpoint or Eotech? Iron sights? 1-4? scope? ACOG?

Which is best? Which would you, as a civilian trust your life, and your familie’s life to?

I will go on the record here with my personal preference and why along with a few disclaimers.  I will also say I have never been in a gunfight and hope I never do.  While I did serve in the US NAVY in my youth, I was never in harms way.  I have no law enforcement experience and do NOT consider myself a tactical guru.  While I do have a lot of shooting experience and have tested all of the popular options in varying conditions and have formed my own opionions and preferences.

First off, what are your preparing for as a civillian?

Do you need to be able to engage “the enemy” at 1K? Probably not, and probably going to be damned hard to justify a self defencse shooting that far to begin with!  If you believe the statistics most self defense shootings are up close and personal meaning you need to be able to get on target NOW! and engage, and you better expect to need multiple followup up shots. 

My personal preference is the Aimpoint T1 and I will explain why.

  • fast on target
  • smalll physical size so as not to obstruct your field of view
  • tough
  • 5 year battery life, constant on, no need to turn off, thus no need to turn it on

I don’t have any problem engaging multiople targets on the move up close or even out to 250 yards, it’s just put the dot on the target and pull the trigger.

So, what do you trust your life to?




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