Everyone is familiar with STI’s competition oriented handguns. They are a mainstay on the IPSC and 3 gun circuit.
About a year ago they introduced an AR they dubbed their “sporting rifle”.
There are 2 basic configurations, one more of a tactical model with a quad railed handguard and exposed gas block and one with a smooth, vented handguard that covers the gas block.

Barrel is a 16″ midlength gas system, 1 in 8 twist, Wylde chamber, light profile stainless steel barrel running a Nordic Tactical Comp.
M4 Feedramps cut into barrel extension and upper.
Standard milspec forged upper and lower, adjustable stock or A2.
One really nice item is the inclusion of a tuned JP rifles singlestage trigger.

Pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of the barrel and consinstently got 1 MOA or better with 77g match loads from several manufacturers and 1.5″ with 55g ball M193 clones like PMC.

It seemed to also group all the various ammo to the same point of impact and doesn’t suffer from barrel heat and groups opening up.

The gun is very light, points well and is quick on target. I have ran it in several 3 gun events as well as range time and an intense training day at a private facility.
It has ran flawlessly and fed everything running Magpul 30 rd mags.
I have ran it with varying optics and the Burris Tac 30 is a great fit for this rifle and makes for a fantastic 3 gun rig without spending a ton of money.

No problem hitting 12″ plates at 500 yards with 77g Atlanta Arms 556 load.

I have made a few minor tweaks to it, changed the stock out to a Magpul CTR and the grip to a MIAD as well as painted the handguard with Brownell’s Aluma Hyde II to match the Magpul FDE.

It’s a great rifle and a keeper for sure.


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