Steiner Tactical scopes

We have got a hold of some of these new Steiner Tactical scopes.  We have the 3-15 and 5-25 with the 1-5 due in the summer.

I have been running the Steiner Military 1-5 for almost 2 years and absolutely love it.  In fact, I would say it is probably the best 1-4/5/6 I have tested which is pretty much all of them.

The Steiner Military scopes cost more than the Tactical series.  Both are made from the same parts out of Germany but the Tactical line is being assembled in the US with much lower labor costs.

Some of the standouts I see on these new scopes:

  • Outstanding glass
  • Good reticles
  • Well thought out and executed turrets
  • Well done illumination system that can be set low enough for use in actual low light conditions

We will have more info on them shortly so please check back in.


wpid-20150305_181527.jpg wpid-20150305_181517.jpg

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