By staff writer: Charles Coker

A few months ago the nice folks at Brownells sent me a Sinlair Tactical Bipod to test and review.  I have spent several months with it and will share my thoughts on it.



The Sinclard Tactical Bipod is designed as a heavy duty, hard use bipod  that features the same mounting setup as their popular F Class bipod but in a more traditional configuration.

The legs are independently adjustable from 6.5 to 12.5″ inches and are indexed to make sure they do not slip under hard recoil.

There are two positions for each leg for the angle from the rifle to the shooting surface, and each leg can be set in either position allowing for quick leveling in non level situations.  Additionally, you angle on each leg differently to find the per effect height.

In the widest configuration it provides a very low and stable position.

The unit is adjustable for cant to make sure the rifle is perfectly horizontal and features a large lever to tension adjust so you have have it set where it won’t move at all or will allow for a slight pressure on the rifle to reset the rifle position.

It attaches to the rifle’s sling swivel stud and also has an additional swing swivel stud to be able to attach a sling to the unit.

Final thoughts:

It would be nice to see a swivel option for those that feel they like or need it.

There is a tiny bit of play fore to aft you can feel as you load the biopd.  I tightened up the obvious nuts and I took it apart to see if there was anyway to remove it.  There was not, and the play is gone with just a tiny bit of forward/down push of the rifle.  I have also read a few people say they needed to locktite some of the hardware though I haven’t ran into that issue.

All in all, the Sinclair Tactical Bipod is well thought out and built and is backed by Brownells so you know if you don’t like it for whatever reason they will stand behind it 100%


Sinclar Tactical Bipod rear view Sinclair Tactical Bipod

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