A few years ago I had the idea of using a TC Contender in 300 Blackout with a red dot and a can for close range hunting.. Lots of times I have been hunting in a blind and had deer and hogs come within easy pistol range.  I did a fair amount of handgun hunting with 357s, 41 and 44 mags.  But, I have to admit, once I started shooting suppressed I pretty much stopped handgun hunting.  I decided to change that and get this project going for real.

I received a host platform TC G2 in stainless and contacted MGM barrels to make me two 8″ threaded barrels.  One in 300 Blackout per my initial plan and then I decided to add a 45 ACP as ammo is readily available and the bullets start at a larger diameter and are designed to expand at subsonic velocities.  And you can run some heavy hardcast Plus P loads as well and with the added velocity of the longer barrel definitely get into 45 Colt levels.

To start the project off I picked up a Gemtech Tracker from the Silencer Shop.  This is their lightweight “hunting”silencer and I have used one in the past.  At 8″ in length and 11″ ounces it’s a great unit for hunting rifles and of course, in my case, a hunting pistol.  Being direct thread and lightweight I knew from past experience that there’s almost zero POI shift on rifles and with this short 8” barrel there definitely shouldn’t be any and my testing proved that to be exactly the case.  I mounted a pistol scope and did testing at 100 yards from sandbags and there was NO POI shift, I mean none.   I really have been impressed with all the Gemtech silencers I have tested.

The price is reasonable, sound suppression is very good, it’s lightweight and accurate. I think it’s a great silencer for the hunter or even precision rifle shooter.

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