Woo hoo!

Got the notice from the Silencer Shop that my Gemtech Mist stamp was in!

Happy day indeed!  I shot one of these before and it was one of those “oh man, I HAVE to have one moments!”  I did the deed and like I tell people, I just forgot about it and never once checked status and I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up (about 9 months).

I thought it would be cool to do a video of the conversion process.  Really very simple and at most a 15 minute job.  One thing be aware of is the larger barrel diameter fitting in channel in your stock.  I knew the stock I had wasn’t going to be large enough and so I contacted Hogue and got one of their overmolded stocks in.  It makes for a very awesome and wicked lite setup with a red dot on it!



Here’s a video we shot previously of a Gemtech Mist and a Griffin Checkmate for comparison.

Order yours today from the Silencer Shop



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