This review is a long term follow up to my initial review on the SWR Spectre II.

I have had this can for 3 years now and have had the opportunity to test a lot of other 22 silencers.  So, how does it stack up?





When my brother and TGR partner Mike went to buy our first 22 silencers we had discussions with the guys at the Silencer Shop as which one to buy.  We looked at all the available options and came up with the following criteria:

  • Sound reduction
  • Accuracy and repeat-ability
  • Flexibility to run on several rimfire calibers, 22 LR, 22 mag and 17 HMR
  • Ease of disassembly for cleaning

When the  dust settled we both chose the SWR Spectre II.  We have ran them on all sorts of guns:

  • Browning Buckmark pistol
  • Ruger 22/45 light pistol
  • Savage Tactical 22 Win Mag
  • Savage Tactical 22 LR
  • CZ 455

We have sent a lot of lead down range on these various personally owned guns as well as numerous test guns.  Both of ours silencers have been great, we haven’t had any issues whatsoever.  I have only cleaned mine once.

SWR Spectre II - Ruger 22/24 Lite

SWR Spectre II – Ruger 22/24 Lite

I have recommended the SWR Spectre II to a lot of people and always recommend a 22 silencer as your first one or better yet, buy a good 30 cal silencer and one for your 22!  We spend a lot of time at our hunting property and have a nice range setup.  There is no better way to train youngsters than burning a lot of ammo through a 22.  Yes, 22 rifles are pretty quiet and we would burn through a  500 round brick a day sometimes as kids without silencers, but I am more concerned about my kid’s hearing, there’s really no good reason NOT to run one.   Last year, my son had his 12th birthday and what he wanted most was a weekend at the ranch with some of his buddies.  A few of them had never shot before and after serious range safety discussions we started teaching them to shoot.  We spent hours out there, and the shooting bench is under a metal roof, we were able to shoot and talk without ever getting ear fatigue.   By the end of the day I had them competing against each other shooting thumbtacks at 30 yards and breaking eggs at 50 and even an 8″ plate at 100 yards.   We then moved to a 556 AR (suppressed of course!) and they were banging steel with authority.

SWR Spectre II - CZ455

SWR Spectre II – CZ455

So, how does it stack up against the other 22 silencers that we have tested?

Truthfully, I wouldn’t trade it for any of them.  There have been a few a tiny bit smaller/lighter (but louder) and I really haven’t heard anything I thought was quieter.  We still love these and I would buy again as well as recommend to anyone in the market.

SWR-Spectre II - CZ 455

SWR-Spectre II – CZ 455


CALIBER RATING .17 HMR, .22 LR, .22 MAG, 5.7×28 FN
LENGTH 5.98″
WEIGHT 6.8 oz
FINISH Black Oxide
BUILD MATERIAL 17-4 Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel


The SWR Spectre II and a CZ455, a match made in heaven for small game and taking care of close range hogs that come into the deer feeder!

Even with bulk, cheap ammo, it works wonders under 50 yards on small hogs like this one.

SWR Spectre II CZ 455 with pig

SWR Spectre II CZ 455 with pig

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