Today we take a look at the Dead Air Sandman -S.  The Sandman-S is their 30 caliber, midsize can.  We ran it on an 11.3″ 6.8 SPC and were very impressed with it.

This is a really sweet can and I think that the “mid size” cans are about ideal, great balance of compactness and sound suppression.   At 6.8″ in length and 17.7 it definitely qualifies as a silencer I would like to use in the field.  It has a good brake that comes with it and the quick detach is certainly “quick” to get on and off it also locks up tight, has zero play and indexes to the same place every time.  What this means is you have a repeatable point of impact.  Yeah, it’s a damned nice unit and I have already made the recommendation to a few guys for it.

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