Sig Sauer P239 Review

I purchased this handgun second hand as a conceal carry weapon. I had tried a number of other major brands and calibers and felt the Sig single stack grip in a 9mm was the best of the bunch. I recently had a .40 cal 239 come through with the Hogue rubber grips, which add some width and finger grooves. Not my preference, I’ll take the thin hard plastic stock grips.

It is not a light gun, being all metal (silver stainless with black ano), but it carries well probably as a result of it’s thin profile. The single stack grip fills my hand perfectly and is a nice relief from the shorter fatter grips of the double stack guns. Granted there is a decent sacrifice in ammo (8+1) but the thin mags pocket very well.

The stock white dot sights are decent at best. I opted to black out the line on the rear sight and added neon orange to the dot on the front. Works well in all but total darkness. The gun is available however with Sig’s pretty decent night sights right from the factory.

I’m not a huge fan of the 10lb initial trigger pull, but appreciate the added safety that comes from it. The follow-up 4lb pull is fantastic, though the reset is a bit long (but can be shortened with factory parts). Overall though I can hit center mass with the DA/SA first shot and can easily group with follow up shots. I also like the decocker lever.

I’ve put about 400 rounds through since my last cleaning (bad Matt) and have not had a single problem with it. I’ll push it all the way to 500 with my next trip to the range at which point I’ll give it a solid cleaning. This gun has a metal guide rod, though the .40cal I had used a plastic rod. Obviously I’ll take metal any day.

Only the grip screws have shown any sign of rusting during the ~8mo of IWB carry. I’m now carrying more often using a hidden pocket on my range briefcase or the dash holster.

I like this gun and would trust my life to it.

reviewed by AustinMRH

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6 Responses to Sig Sauer P239 Review

  1. chuck meyer says:

    I have a 239 with 9mm and 40 barrels. I love this gun. It is fun to shoot, easy to clean and carries well. One of the best weapons I ever owned.

  2. PJ- That Others May Live says:

    My P239 is chambered o the serious .357 Sig. I actually feel 9mm is a woman’s round. The 357 Sig speaks loudly and with authority. I’ve bought Sig used about 10 years ago when I need a carry gun more suited to my new CHL carrying status. My full size SS 1911 is to big and heavy, do it’s in a room in the house. My Gunsite Lightweight Carry Pistol is as concealable as my P239, but it’s far to nice of a weapon for carry. My suppressed HK.45 is my nightstand weapon. My revolvers get occasional carry – legal open carry in Texas starts on January 1st…then the show starts.

    My Sig is my go-to piece, or my main backup if I’m going into something/someplace where trouble might be waiting. I got my Sig refinished at CCR. It was done with the CPII on the slide, controls, and trigger. The lightweight aluminm alloy frame cannot be done in CPII’s stainless look, so it was done in lightly shined black. With Hogue wood grips, it looks great. I also occasionally carry my Glock 22 with a .357 Sig barrel in it. My Sig P220 Carry (I AM a ,45 ACP guy at heart) is carried in custom leather as re my Sigs and 1911s. My suppressed HK sure draws looks from friends.

  3. jbata says:

    I have had a dig p239 9mm for the last 5years. It is truly the best gun for accuracy and dependability I have ever shot or owned. It is dead on round for round. Never fails me, and I personally love the 10 pound trigger. Pressure. That is the safety on the gun. It is heavy duty bullet spitting son of a gun. And I would recommend it over any other. I shoot heavy and when I mean heavy I mean 500 round in just a few short hours. Never fails me. I would put it against any gun any day on any range.

  4. Cody Pintello says:

    I am looking to purchase the Sig Sauer P250 2Sum pack in 9mm. I noticed in the reviews before Dec 2010 it caught a bad rap. Have all of the issues been worked out? Are parts for other calibers more accessable now? I am not looking to hear how good sig is i just want to know about this model.

  5. mcoker says:

    by frosty62824
    I have P239 .40 & have .357 Sig barrel also. Love it, like hogue grips, added extender to clips to get 8+1 shots. Gun is heavy, but you can shoot it a lot with no problems. Very accurate & dependable. Favorite ammo 135 gr. personal defense loads. Expensive, but my life is worth it. Great handling, shoots dead-on every time. Going to add a Crimson Trace Laser ASAP. May buy something new & lighter to carry but I’ll never retire this workhorse, just too lethal & dependable in a fight! I always have it around & ready.

    • George says:

      Looking through some blogs on Sig Sauer 239 in 40 and stumbled across an article you posted on one. I was torn between a 40 and 357 ( I opted for a 49), but after reading your blog, if I understand what you said, the barrels are interchangeable between the 40 and 357? Are there any other changes that need to be made so that either round can be fired in the same frame (other than mags)? I look forward to your reply, Thank you.

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