Major John Plaster on the Savage 110 BA 338 Lapua

This is an encore posting of Major John Plaster discussing the Savage 338 Lapua.  What an honor, we got to meet one of the legends of the US Sniper community: Major John Plaster, aka, “The Ultimate Sniper.”  Major John Plaster was very gracious and down to earth. As an added bonus, Rob Furlong was there too!  The two of them shook hands and we got to witness these two legends visit for a few minutes.  You could tell they had such mutual respect – very, very cool!

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  1. Cary Kieffer says:

    First of all the computer bullets in the begining that bust thru to the TGR logo totally rocks! Very professional and cool looking. Second, I’ve had a chubby for that 110BA since I first laid eyes on it. That looks like a great rifle. I am leaning towards the 300 win mag as I dont have any farther to shoot than the 1600 yards the win mag is good for anyway. Plus its SOOO much cheaper to feed her Win Mags than Lapua’s. Great Video.

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