This light is produced by Brad at Selph Arms in Austin, TX

As an avid hog hunter I am always on the lookout for good gear… I have tried red and red and green LED combos from other manufacturers and have been a little underwhelmed at their effective range.   Most fall severely short of their claims.

This light however, does NOT disappoint!

With a decent scope out to 200 yards is definitely doable, 100 yards with a red dot.  I am taking precise shots, not just hitting it.

Some can argue on green or red as being a better color for hunting hogs and their ability to detect the light and be spooked. \

Well, green definitely penetrates better and both are less prone to reflecting back dust particles in the air than white. \

Brad says “try both, and decide for yourself”   He includes both a red and a green LED in the kit!

This is a nicely done kit that comes with the following:

Top of the line LEDs (red or green)

2 rechargeable batteries that get 2-4 hrs runtime each (and you only use one at a time)

Charger runs off of AC or DC with the supplied cigarette lighter adapter

Mounts for attaching to a scope, (30mm or 1″) or shotgun.

Picatinny rail mount with QR flip lever

Pressure switch or end cap switch.

This the best deal on the market for a hunting light, hands down.

For more info and to order yours:



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