I recently ran across a video on one my YouTube subscriptions that was informing their subscribers about a new ammo manufacturer that was just starting up production, http://www.scottsdaleamm.com/. Scottsdale Ammo was going to be giving away some of their HPR branded ammo for a limited time. All you had to do was go to their website and register. Winners would be randomly chosen for a box of 50 rounds of ammo of their choice. I was one of the lucky ones chosen so I selected a box of 50 rounds of 45ACP and it was delivered to my house free of any charges. Scottsdale retail price on their website at the time of this article was $23.49. Scottsdale advertises all of their components to be made in the USA with exception of the once-fired brass it is using since some may be from foreign manufactures. Later, Scottsdale plans to manufacture “new” ammunition from all new components including the brass cases. However, I am perfectly fine with once fired brass, especially if it keeps the cost down. Packaging was different from what I’ve seen. The tray that holds the individual rounds was all card board with “knock-outs” for holes where the individual rounds would sit. Most of the knock-outs were not “knocked-out” so the individual rounds were loosely rolling around inside the card board tray. I had to tear the tray open to get the rounds out and I failed to take a photo of it. The photo included here is of a left over Styrofoam tray from another box of 45 I had. The rounds chrono’d through my single stack Springfield at:786776763793790My target photo included here is of five shots fired at 25yards, shooting free style (standing, no rest, and two hands to hold the gun). I typically shoot low from bad habbits obtained over time (I’m still working on that). Also, you need to take into account that I was at a public range were it was pretty much a free for all where the shooters could shoot at what ever distance they wanted to. So if someone wanted to shoot at 7 yards, everyone was either forced to wait until they were done or you could shoot at 7 yards too. So I was holding back the public by doing my 25 yards shooting and that gave some added pressure to my grouping quality. Not too mention I had my 4-year old with me and they are somewhat hard to entertain while concentrating. Overall I am impressed with the ammo quality. All rounds functioned flawlessly and even the lowest velocity recorded is well above the MAJOR power factor for USPSA competitions.

Seems pretty price competative to new manufactured ammo.

Seems pretty price competative to new manufactured ammo. I would think that ammo made from once fired brass would be cheaper than it was. I mean, if you can purchase ammo with all new components for the same or slightly more, what is the great benenfit?

by TexasNative

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