Of the copious amounts of AR’s continuing to be turned out by new and old companies alike why consider the Rock River Arms brand? Well this rifle can shoot. The looks, while geared towards the tactical (I mean it’s an AR) can be appreciated for it’s function and ergonomics by the advanced and novice. For myself, I wanted a somewhat inexpensive, fun to shoot rifle that would not break the bank-a feat that RRA was able to produce.

With hunting rifles specifically larger calibers and magnums, the “fun” can be fleeting after they remind you of their shear ability to knock down large animals at great distances. Although effective in there purpose those rifles may offer a full days worth of consistently hitting targets att he price of contemplating a shoulder replacement.

The Entry Operator fits the niche of being accurate, fun and cost effective (both in the price of the rifle and ammo). I can keep 1-2 inch groups with iron sights at 100 yards, the rifle though 8 lbs. carries a fair portion of the weight at the front end (aluminium handguard) and reduces the minimal muzzle rise. Sights consist of a fold down front post and choice of rear peep aperture sight (i.e. detachable A2 carry handle, tactical rail, stand alone, and EOTech Dominator2 Mount). Chrome lined barrel, and Bolt Carrier Group are welcomed add-ons, as well as a Ergo Grip (pistol grip) and multi position (adjustable butt-stock). A full length top rail and rails at the 3, 6 and 9 o’ clock position on the front half of the handguard allow for a variety of accessories to be added and a rounded back half portion (handguard) aids in comfort while shooting.

The Entry Operator is a solid rifle giving the new to the field of AR’s many of the benefits that more seasoned buyers would look for. A bit heavy for trekking up and down mountains, but for range visits and limited travel it’s a winner. Those who I know that have handled it like it-to the point of some of them purchasing it (through the RRA website a good deal including add-ons and choice of rear sight set up equal about a grand). The price is not a deal breaker if you only want to buy it once. Also this rifle is suitable for varmint and predator hunting as the .223/5.56x45mm caliber is more than effective on those critters.

by: Jonathan Tapia

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