There are several ways to save and maintain important equipment for the subsequent outing. In fact, it can help you to save a lot of money in the long run without buying new ammunitions. And for a rifle hunter, it is better to conduct reloaded ammunition to save money. Through a case trimmer like RCBS Trim Pro 2 Kit, you can easily mould the brass back into a suitable shape to induce a better fitting in the gun barrel.

An experienced hunter knows well that his ammunition will gradually bulge and stretch out over time due to repeated usage. Therefore, using this RCBS Trim Pro 2 Kit trimmer is indeed an ideal and affordable option to reuse the ammunition for trimming the brass back into its previous shape. It is definitely a perfect case trimmer to meet your demands and we provided here a complete description to help you to decide whether this is worthy to serve you or not.

Features & Specifications

Construction Material:It comes with superior quality die-cast metallic construction. The cutting blades are also made of top-quality metal.

Design: User-friendly and sleek profile induce an ergonomic case to carry and use.

Weight: The assembled weight of the device is only 0.04 pounds which is extremely lightweight.

Used Collets: This unit contains a universal shell holder to accommodate different cases. The usual range of rim diameter is from 0.250” to 0.626”.

Base Length: The hardened base is 8-5/8” long which is sufficient to reshape the ammunition.

Used Pilots: The conducted pilots for this one is a case trimmer.

Included Pilots: With the primary designation, it can easily suit pistol cases of 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30, 35, 44 with 45. The 45 caliber also holds good for rifle calibers.

Benefits of RCBS Trim Pro

Quality Construction: A sturdy frame is important to attain the desired reshaping of the ammunition. The die-cast metal induces sufficient strength to reshape the brass back with less effort. Moreover, the cutting blade of quality material offers quick and convenient trimming every time you use.

Enhanced Serviceability: Serviceability or durability of a product is indeed the most expected thing from a product. Quality materials contribute to impart this benefit. Through commercial graded material, you can use this case trimmer for a sufficient time against its price.

Superb Accuracy: Trimming requires a precise adjustment to attain the perfect reshape. Therefore, accurate marking is quite essential for proper reuse of the ammunition. This one comes with 0.001” of accurate trimming for both coarse and fine length adjustment. In addition, the fine adjustment has a 0.001” micrometer marking facility.

Incredible Portability: For a hunter, the lightweight an equipment is the better. And the case trimmer is no different. Though the package weight is 2.8 pounds, the assembled case offers only 0.64 ounces or 0.04 pounds. Thus, you have to carry almost no loads that may influence your moves. Not to mention, you will have an incredibly lightweight tool to reshape the ammunition anywhere you want.

Comfortable Operation: Reshaping is a sensitive work and you won’t surely have a laboratory working condition out there. With a comfortable operation, you will face almost no difficulty to resize the brass back. In fact, there is one spring-loaded shell holder for greater safety and easy trimming. Apart from that, it can securely lock the casing and cutter to encourage an effortless operation.

Suitable Caliber Fitting: Many quality trimmers come with a particular pilot option which makes you buy several plates for different pilots. But with RCBS Trim, you don’t need to waste money on buying different plates and set them to use. It is compatible with .22, .24, .25, .27, .28, .30, .35, .44 & .45 pilots that are the standard ones specially for hunting purposes.


  • Sturdy construction offers longer durability.
  • Better accuracy marking for length adjustment.
  • Lightweight frame provides greater portability.
  • Comfortable, quick and easy reshaping operation.
  • No major maintenance task is required.
  • Suits almost all common hunting pilots.


  • Bolts may get loosen for improper
  • No Allen wrench at the base is present.

Why is RCBS Trim Pro So Special?

RCBS Trim pro comes with superior construction and incredible portability to induce a satisfactory service. Quick reshaping with better accuracy marking allows to experience a perfect reuse of the loaded ammunition. It requires no major maintenance or helps to operate thanks to its user-friendly profile. And no separate purchase of plates for different cases as it suits typical pilots.

Final Thought

Along with this versatile trimming case from RCBS, you will certainly enjoy a proper facility to reshape the loaded brass back. In a longer run, you will receive a precise equipment that you can carry without the slightest discomfort. All these information is pretty enough to make the choice and if it meets your requirements, you need to get your hands on it right away.

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