If you are in the market for an awesome tactical watch that is made tough and can withstand the harhest conditions you need to take a serious look at the MTM watches.  Today we cover the Air Stryk II.


The Air Stryk II is aimed at the professional pilot and aviator.

  • Precision swiss quartz
  • Titanium base
  • Digital and analog display
  • Water resistant to 330 ft or 100 meters
  • Time/Date
  • 5 alarms
  • global GMT world time zones
  • 24-hour time
  • chronograph
  • stopwatch
  • compass
  • electro-luminescent backlight
  • Glowing anaglog hands
  • Available in a wide variety of options for case, dials and bands

The Air Stryk II comes in a nice Pelican type case.20160427_092216


You know how some things just impress you right off the bat?

You can tell it is a quality piece of gear that had a lot of thought into the design and followed through with excellent engineering and manufacturing.  The MTM watch definitely has that vibe and it’s readily apparent when you take a hard look at it.

So, a few things, it’s a large watch, but that helps you quickly view the time and various options, especially in lower light.  If you are a middle age guy (like me!) whose near vision is suffering you will definitely appreciate this.  It is however fairly lightweight given the titanium construction of the base.  It’s a comfortable watch and the straps work well.  I tested various functions of the watch and they all worked well.  I also tested the watch in a swimming pool several times and it passed with flying colors.

Let’s be honest, it’s also just a cool watch! Wear it and you get lots of comments from fellow gear heads!

I would definitely give it a thumbs up.


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