Two years ago I received my carry concealed license and for the first time I needed a holster for my Glock 21.
My Glock is a big fat gun and I was conerned about using it as my carry weapon.’s Minotaur MTAC holster has made carrying the full sized Glock an acceptable choice. I carry on the right side at the 3 o’clock position.
My first concern about everyday carry with the Glock was the lack of traditional safties. I wanted a holster that would completely cover the trigger area while concealed. The MTAC’s coverage of the trigger area is complete, but at the same time the magazine release is still accessible. Magazines can be exchanged or topped off without removing the pistol from the holster.
Next, I chose 1.5″ belt clips. Initially, I thought these were a mistake because the holster seemed to move around a lot. However, after upgrading from a cheap belt to a proper, stiffer gun belt the clips hold everything nicely. I believe the belt was the problem, not the clips. Sometimes, especially while driving for a long time, the holster will still walk around into uncomfortable positions. Comp-tac offers clips and belts with additional velcro attachment points that I will seriously consider for my next purchase.
Finally, the holster felt uncomfortable at first, but like a new pair of shoes things settle in just right after wearing them a few times. Now it feels strange when I’m not wearing it.
I had no problems with shipping or billing with Comp-tac.
They’re a little spammy with their special e-mail offers, but not egrigiously so.
I would recommend MTAC holsters to a friend and I’m glad I bought this product. I have used it frequently for over two years.
By: Peter Barnes

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