Millett 4x16x50 tactical scope w/ lit green reticle review

Just got this rifle scope from, and what a deal it was. This scope is $500.00 plus on most websites including from the manufacturer but only $304.00 on It’s not only a good deal, but it’s arguably just as clear and accurate as a leupold. I use it for hog hunting on my AR-15.

Last night was a quarter moon and I could see my target ara through the sites clearly through the generous objective view at very comfortable eye relief. Hands down, after weeks of research did this find really pay off. My friend is now contemplating buying one as well. I put three shots nearly through each other when sighting was done at 125 yards well covered by a quarter. Although the reticule was still too bright for last night’s low light, the mildot crosshairs were still visible.

Very strong pros for this scope, with no cons thus so far. I chose this for the potential quality for the price. At the time, 69 people reviewed this scope on with an overall 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Strongly recommend!
By: Evan Ward

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  1. Cary Kieffer says:

    How do the turrets feel??? Are they like your grinding up rocks?? My Millet wouldnt track at all…I wanted to like it but it wouldnt let me…maybe I should try another one…

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