Leupold Patrol


The Leupold Patrol has many of the features guys are looking for.

As I mentioned in my review on the Leupold VXR Patrol 1.25-4, I am VERY impressed with Leupolds new VXR line of scopes.

Glass quality in low light is comparable to the Trijicon Accupoint and is extremely clear, sharp, high resolution and bright.

The illumination system works very well, there is just a small dot that lights up at the center crosshair, while I didn’t measure it I would estimate it;s about .5″ at 100 yards

Small enough to allow me to shoot 1/2″ groups with my test rifle, a Nosler Trophy Grade in 280AI.

It can be set extremely dim so that it does not hinder your ability to use it in low light like so many other lit reticles I have tried.  And to me, it’s bright enough to be easily seen in bright Texas sun.


Weight: 15.3 OZ

Length: 12.6″

Eye Relief: 3.7-4.2

TMR reticle with Mil and .5 mil has marks

.1 Mil turret adjustment

6 Mils per rev, 3 rev, 18 total

Why this scope?

The Leupold Patrol  scope is compact and light, has very good glass,  matching mil reticle and turrets, good illumination system.

I mounted it on a Nosler Trophy Grade in 280AI in Talley lightweight med rings (could have gone with lows but my head position is fine)

Intended use is as a hunting rifle out to 500 yards.

I did my initial sight in at 100 yards with a 300 yard zero running the Nosler Accubond 140g load which put me right at 3″ high at 100 yards or, right at 1 mil high.

I tested the turrets and they tracked true.

I went out yesterday evening to verify at 250 and 500 yards for hunting, to see if my calculations for trajectory were correct and make any minor tweaks if needed.

My initial sight in was dead on and my first hit at 250 was exactly where my calcs said it should be, .5 mil high.

I shot some more at 250 and then moved out to 500, I dialed in 1.4mils of correction and first shot was dead on and I shot 5 more, group size was right at 2:”

I let a buddy of mine try it and he had never shot past 100 yards, and didn’t think he would be able to do it, easy I said…  “just put the crosshair dead center and squeeze”

“boom” and the Larue steel target went down, as it came up I could see his bullet impact right with mine.

He was giddy like a little school girl!

I moved out to 750 and connected with 19″ plates 5 times in a row.

Very happy to see this new rifle shot so well and the calculations were spot on the money.  I feel confident to go out and hunt, and will be doing so this evening!

I took reticle pics at 250, 500, 750 and 1K

You can see the Leupold Patrol has great glass, a useable reticle, well done illumiation, matching turrets/reticle.

They really did a great job with this scope.













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