Leupold mk 4 4.5-14×40 review

For years I have been looking for the ideal long range hunting scope.  The market focus has been toward offering items for tactical shooters and us long range hunters are left compromises.  I chose the leupold mk 4 4.5-14×40 LRT as my best long range scope option.

My scope has the optional TMR reticle which is easy and quick to use for fast shots as well as being precise.  I also had Leupold remove the windage turret and leave me with only an elevation turret.  my long range system is dial for distance and hold for wind. I do this by using the marks on the horizontal crosshair.

The scope gets the job done but currently there isn’t a scope out there with all the features I want.  What I would change about the scope, is IMO no turret scope should come without a zero stop.  Its crazy optics makers have been so slow to offer this.  The FOV on the low end kinda sucks on this model scope.  Other companies have 6:1 or more zoom ratios. I see no purpose in needing a windage turret that sticks out the side of the scope and is one more thing to worry about being bumpped off.  I see no reason for even tactical shooters to use a big honkin’ windage turret, just hold off for wind and since wind is always changing if you are holding for it a last minute correction is very easy.  I would also like to see more adjustment in one turn of my turret,  currently I only have 15 moa.

All in all it’s a great scope but it’s lacking comprehensive features that could make it a lot better.

By: steve garrett

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