This review is on the Leupold Mark 6 3-18. My test unit has the illuminated TMR reticle and the new C2 turrets. I dig this optic, why do I like it so much?



It just a fantastic scope, small, compact and fairly light. It is ideal on a 308 gas gun like the Wilson Combat 308 18″ it is mounted on. Being compact and light it just fits “right” on such a gun and seems at home.

Quick Specs

  • 11.9 ” long
  • 24oz
  • 3-18 magnification range
  • First Focal Plane
  • Zero Stop
  • Mil adjustments
  • Mil based reticle

C2 turrets

The C2 turrets are nice and low profile. The zero stop is easy to set and the turret feels good when rotating it. You have a small button on the side of the turret, right above the zero reference line that locks it in the zero setting. If you want dial in a longer shot you press the button and turn the dial. The clicks are very positive and clean feeling, it is easy to dial in the correction needed and stop right where you want without going over and there is no backlash. There is also a small pin about an 1’/8″ in diameter on top of the turret. I should point out that there are really 3 positions of this button. When at zero the top of the button is flush with the top of the knob, it pops up when you get into the 2nd revolution and gets extended. It will retract all the way when you get back to zero making it very easy to feel if you are on zero in case of low light situations.

TMR Illuminated reticle

I like the TMR reticle and the illumination works well for low light use. It is a common mil based reticle that has been received well for some time.  I think they got the balance of reticle thickness right where in it isn’t so thick it obscures the target at long range nor so fine it’s hard to pick up fast when set to low power for close range.  The side illumination rheostat works well and I prefer one to digital switches as it is just easier and faster to use.


Leupold REALLY stepped up their glass with the VXR line a few years ago and the Mark 8, VX6 and Mark 6 are all running very good glass.  The scope seems to resolve detail well and is good in low light like hunting conditions.


This scope has a good, forgiving eyebox. It is easy to use and “get behind”

Magnification Range

3-18 in such a compact scope is flat out awesome!  The scope is useful at all magnification ranges and is not finicky at any setting. In very, very low conditions you will need to back down to 12 or less to be useful but that is common with scopes with even 50mm objectives and great glass.

Parallax Adjustment

I did not perform an exhaustive test on how well the yardage markings match up with actual yardage but it seemed fine and nothing seemed out of spec.  It was also not ultra picky on settings like some scopes I have used that had me constantly messing with the knob to get a good image.


Overall opinion is very good, I really can’t think of any way they could improve the scope.  My sample works quite well and the scope tracks correctly, holds zero and just works.  Quite happy with it.

I have it mounted in a 34mm AADmount. Review here

AAD 34mm mount, Leupold Mark 6, Wilson Combat 308

AAD 34mm mount, Leupold Mark 6, Wilson Combat 308


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