I recently spent some time with one of the new FFP Leupolds – the Mark 4 4.5-14X50.  I have absolutely been converted to a few things when it comes to optics for a “precision” rifle (funny, I expect ALL of my rifles to be precise!) :

FFP reticle

Having the reticle and the target image being in the front focal plane means they in a 1 to 1 ratio.   This means that for ranging or holovers at distance it doesn’t matter what power you have the scope on unlike a SFP reticle where you typically have to be on the highest power setting.

Mil based reticle

I grew up with inches and MOA being an American but have been converted to Mils as it just seems easier and more consistent.

Matching reticle/turrets

If you have a reticle that has markings for holdovers or ranging, then why on earth would anyone make a scope that doesn’t have a turret that matches?

Having a Mildot scope with 1/4 MOA turrets just doesn’t make any sense.

Leupold responds to the demand for FFP/Mil/MIL

I was quite happy to get to test the new Leupold scope, the TMR reticle is a Mil based reticle that has hash marks instead of dots.  This makes for more precision at extended ranges as the dots tend to cover and obscure the target.

I also like the small clear opening at the center of the crosshairs, this makes it really easy to be ultra precise.  I can put a bullet hole at 100 yards in paper then hammer that same hole.

I tested the scope many times out to 1000 yards.

I tested the turrets and they absolutely tracked true.

If I needed 3 mils of correction, I dialed it in, fired, and connected.

Returning back down 3 mils would be the bullet back on target.

The turrets are very crisp and have a definite feel to them.

The glass on the new Leupold Mark 4 has their Extended Twilight coatings and had execptional clarity and resolution into low, low light.  I think Leupold has really made great improvements in their glass quality lately.  I also liked that the scope was fairly compact and light for a tactical scope.

For more info:


View of TMR reticle at 1K (note, this was on a SFP Mark 4 4.5-14×50)


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