Leica ERi 3-12×50

Leica ERi 3-12×50 just came in.  This is Leica’s first illuminated reticle scope and they nailed it.

I wanted to give you some advance info before I do my full review as these are brand new.

Quick specs:

  • 3-12 magnification
  • 50mm objective
  • ASV locking target turret with zero stop
  • IBS reticle
  • 30mm tube
  • 2nd focal plane reticle
  • 1cm adjustments

I will be providing a more extensive review but suffice it to say this is a world class optic.

Leica ERi 3-12 on Nosler 280AI

Leica ERi 3-12 on Nosler 280AI

Leica ERI 3-12x50

Leica ERI 3-12×50

Leica ASV turret ERi 3-12x50

Leica ASV turret ERi 3-12×50



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3 Responses to Leica ERi 3-12×50

  1. ddearborn says:


    I am sure it is a solid optic. But truthfully at this price point it darn well better be. The question is how does it compare to other scopes in this price range?

    • Charles Coker says:

      Same level as tol of the line Zeiss, Swaro, SB..
      Just comes donwn to features and personal preference.
      Outstanding product.

  2. Mike Coker says:

    I am looking forward to the review. I have never seen a Leica scope used in the field but I would expect is to be pretty damned good.

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