On March 14, 2012 I finally purchased my first AR.  I’ve been a gun enthusiast all my life and am very familiar with bolt action rifles, shotguns and handguns.  After my brother purchased an AR last year, I became interested in AR rifles.  I went to several guns shows, talked to owners of ARs, manufacturers of ARs, and did a lot of reading and research before purchasing my first AR.  Through my research, I kept hearing the name ‘LaRue Tactical’, so I joined AR15.COM, went to the LaRue forum and began asking owners of LaRue rifles questions.  The answers were all the same…”LaRue rifles are extremely accurate, reliable, and their customer service is second to none”.  Initially, I had not intended on spending $1995 for an AR, but I also did not want to settle on a semi-accurate rifle.  I love accuracy!  I sent LaRue Tactical an email on March 12, 2012 inquiring about their OBR 5.56 16″ AR.  I immediately received a call from Sheldon at LaRue, who took the time to answer ALL my questions.  I called back on March 14, 2012 and ordered the LaRue Tactical OBR 5.56 16″.  I was initially told it would be 12-14 weeks before I received my rifle because LaRue had just released a new LaRue AR (the PredatOBR models).  To my surprise, I recieved an email on April 10, 2012 saying my OBR was being shipped to my local FFL dealer.  On April 11, 2012 I picked up my rifle. When I opened the box, I WAS SHOCKED! I had a new beautiful rifle, with several items that were ‘given’ to me that I was not expecting. In addition to my rifle, I recieved a LaRue cheek riser, grip panels, a quick disconnect sling adapter, 2 Magpul PMAGS, 3 tactical rails, an OBR LaRue Tactical Owners Edition hat, a Wounded Warriors Dillo, Dillo Dust (a rub for meats), 2 bumper stickers, a pocket copy of the US Constitution, and a target with a 5 shot group of .569″ test fired from my rifle.  I took my new rifle to the range and was astounded by the accuracy! Since then, I’ve talked to LaRue Tactical several times and believe me when I say that their customer service is phenomenal!  Their motto is “If you ain’t happy, then we ain’t happy”! They mean it!  Mark LaRue has several CNC machines at his facility in Leander, TX and has created an AR that truly is second to none! An accurate rifle like the OBR 5.56 combined with the finest customer service I’ve ever experienced makes LaRue Tactical the company of choice for me.  Their rifles are worth every penny you pay!  LaRue Tactical has a customer for life! If you want a superior, accurate rifle please get in touch with LaRue Tactical. I can promise you won’t be dissapointed.
By: Neil Clark

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