Recently KRG sent me the new KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis Gen 3 folding stock to test and review. I spent some time with it using a Remington 700 short action. This is a very nicely made unit, please click below to find out more info.. The KGR Whiskey folding chassis stock features an all aluminum construction, is compatible with AICS mags and is well thought out and executed. It uses a channel Vbedding system for maximum contact between receiver and stock for an ultra rigid platform for your action.  Stiff and solid are good for accuracy.  There is no need to bed the action to the stock, simply drop in and tighten the two action bolts down. You can adjust your length of pull, check rest height and cant on the butt plate.  There are numerous threaded holes on the stock for attaching accessories. The unit offers two grip sizes and I received the standard one, it had good ergonomics and worked well for bench or prone shooting positions. I was able to quickly get the stock dialed in to fit me right and it proved to be comfortable and provided a solid and consistent mount with regards to cheek weld and I always felt like I dropped into a good position. The folding mechanism was easy to use and transitioning between open and closed was a no brainer.  Most importantly to me was that in the shooting position the lockup was tight and there was no play. All in all I would give the KGR Whiskey 3 chassis folding stock high marks and I can not think of anything that I would tweak.

KGR Whiskey 3 Gen 4 review

KGR Whiskey 3 chassis stock folding closeup KGR Whiskey 3 chassis Remington 700 308 and Templar Tactical Archangel KRG Whiskey 3 butt pad KGR Whiskey 3 adjustment for length of pull


Key features:


  • Infinitely adjustable within range (1” travel).
  • Cheekpiece can be quickly removed and re-installed, uses a clamp and thumbscrew design.
  • Includes a simple feature to make the cheekpiece return to the exact height you set it.
  • Cheekpiece can be moved forward and backward with several mounting positions.
  • Cheekpiece made of polymer to not transmit heat to or away from your face.

Length of Pull:

  • Adjustable in ¼” increments with nearly 2” of adjustment range.
  • LOP range varies slightly between versions but is roughly 12.8” to 15.4”.
  • Uses cam lock and set screw to ensure a solid fit.


  • Moves vertically to any desired position within range.
  • Locks in with set screw.
  • Buttpad is Remington 700 pattern so user can install aftermarket pre-fit pads.
  • Buttpad can tilt 15 degrees to each side (as if looking directly from the rear down the bore).

I also used this stock during some suppressor testing with the SilencerShop


Weight: 4 lbs, 12oz Price: 1299 More information:

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