KRG bolt lift

Do you have a bolt action with the standard sized bolt lift?  Want a bigger one that is easier to grab and run fast? Don’t want to deal with the gunsmith and having to wait? How about an option you can do yourself in 5 minutes for 30 bucks? I love it when someone comes out with a product that just works, is cheap and simply does exactly what it is supposed to do.  Enter the KRG bolt knob. What you get: KRG bolt lift package You simply put one of the clamshell pieces around the bolt, insert an o ring to take up any play, put the other piece on and screw it together.   You can also epoxy it or JB weld it, but I chose to test and run with just the bolt setup and I am happy to report it works and has been rock solid.  If I was going overseas I would red loctite it or JB weld the sucker.. KRG bolt lift install   The finished product: KRG bolt lift on 700 krg bolt lift on 700 rear view   Highly recommended.. For more info:

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  1. Goodrum says:

    Will this fit on a Savage Trophy Hunter?

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